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On our first trip to Tacloban last May 2014, we talked and played with the kids recovering from the trauma of Yolanda (Haiyan). They used to love taking a bath in the middle of a hot day, they enjoyed playing in the rain and they loved to swim at the beaches nearby. They could do it all day every day like normal kids do. But now, they don’t anymore. They’re scared. Scared of the slightest downpour. Terrified by thunder and lightning. Traumatized to even go near the beach.

And at that moment, we were inspired. Inspired to help them overcome this fear. Inspired to share their story so we can all learn from their experience. Hence, introducing Happy Water, Sad Water: A Story To Prepare Kids for Floods and The Aftermath.

Written by Mo Francisco | Illustrated by Yzabelle Wuthrich

At the heart of this story is the group’s vision
To spread hope and advocate care for the environment especially for disaster-prone coastal communities in thew Philippines


The e-storybook aims to raise funds for the reconstruction of the library in Sulangan Central School, Guian, Eastern Samar on August 25-28, 2o16.
Learn more about our past efforts here or our Facebook page here.

You may purchase the book by clicking the button below.
This will lead you to a Paypal page.

The e-storybook is priced at P300, but any amount of donation will do. Once we receive the donation, we will send the PDF of the storybook to your email within 24 hours.

Buy the book, and help out!

*Breakdown of expenses:
Library construction expenses (detailed breakdown here) – Php 50,150
Shipping expenses (books and shelves) – Php 20,000
GRAND TOTAL = Php 70,150

Alternatively you may deposit to our BPI account (account number: 1929288706; account name: Ysabel Marie Camus). If you will donate through BPI, kindly let us know through email to receive a copy of the book 🙂

If you wish to support the group in other ways, kindly send an email to

To share with you the successes of the project, we will send you an email after we have concluded the project in August this year.
Thank you so much 🙂
-Team Read For HopeIMG_0158

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